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Our Trainers

Wendy Marcks

Professional association memberships:



APDT Professional Member

AKC CGC/Tricks Evaluator


Wendy Marcks has extensive experience with various large and small animal species and behavior. During her 23 year professional career as the northeast MA regional UMass Extension 4-H Educator, she earned a national
award by researching, designing, and managing the MA 4-H COMPACT Program (Companion Animal-Assisted Activities) as part of her M.Ed. thesis in 2003.


She joined Charles River Dog Training Club in 2005, serving on the board for many years. She was assistant trainer for CRDTC Beginner and Advanced Beginner Obedience classes before becoming lead trainer in 2013.  Graduating from the Karen Pryor Academy with distinction in 2014, Wendy revamped the basic obedience courses to better serve owners’ training needs of the surging population of rescue dogs. Companion Obedience Foundation Skills and Companion Obedience Canine Good Citizen Skills
classes use all positive reinforcement methods, attention work, and targeting to strengthen trust and set the stage for success for dogs and handlers.


Wendy is a long standing member of the Scottish Terrier Club New England, having served on the board of directors and remains active with their Rescue


Marissa Davis

Professional association memberships:



Marissa has had a fascination with animals for as long as she can remember. As a teenager, she began working as a dog walker and volunteering at a local animal shelter. She first became interested in dog training when she was 19 years old and rescued her first dog, Casey. Marissa continued working with dogs as a walker, pet sitter, kennel technician, play group leader, and vet tech assistant throughout her early 20s, but remained most interested in dog behavior. In 2018, shortly after moving to Fort Collins, Colorado, she adopted her second dog, River. Despite her sweet and goofy personality, River struggled with some unexpected behavioral issues which pushed Marissa to dive deeper into the world of dog training and behavior. Through working with some wonderful trainers in Fort Collins, Marissa expanded her knowledge and skill set, and eventually decided to pursue a career in dog training. In 2021, she began training full time at Donna’s Do Right Dogs in Weymouth, MA where she still works today. She has also been working part time at the New England Dog Training Club in Cambridge, MA since 2022. Marissa is currently on track for earning yet another certification entitled KPT-CTP at the Kathy Pryor Academy.



Marissa looks forward to working with puppy and adolescent dog owners at CRDTC. She hopes to help dogs and their owners through all the challenges of puppyhood and adolescence by giving them the skills and confidence to communicate effectively with one another. She is a firm believer in the power of training to create and maintain strong relationships between dogs and their humans.





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