Charles River Dog Training Club, Inc.

Waltham, Massachusetts

With admiration, affection, and appreciation the CRDTC March 2002 Obedience Trial is dedicated to

Verena L. Fucillo

1911 – 2001

Rena Fucillo participated in obedience for over five decades and was a familiar figure inside and along side the ring. During those years she trained with the South Shore, Weston, New England, and Charles River Dog Training Clubs. She was an excellent competitor and an accomplished handler. With her beautiful Miniature Poodles, Clemmie among them, she won multiple HITs, 200s, and too many titles to remember when asked a few years ago. She had a great sense of humor, was fun to compete with, fun to judge, fun to be with. She was intensely interested in obedience and after she stopped competing, continued to attend most of the obedience trials in southeastern New England. One of the best ways to learn was to set up your chair next to hers at a trial and just listen.

In the 1980s she began teaching at CRDTC. She loved it, and her enthusiasm was infectious. She had a keen, fresh eye for dogs and handlers, and she viewed every team as a unique challenge. She was unusual and open-minded in her ability to learn and to adapt and blend new and old methods. Though she had not used them herself, she accepted pinch collars, food, whatever worked. Her high-pitched, exhorting “Wheeee!” was a familiar sound on Monday nights. She delighted in her students. She kept an eye on the beginner classes, and when someone caught her eye, she plucked them out and into her advanced class. Such was her love of teaching that she never missed a Monday night. Sick or not she’d show up with a “Just let me get out on the floor — I’ll be fine.” When her knees began to give out, she carried on from a chair at center-floor. Rena’s training, enthusiasm, and encouragement got many of us into the obedience ring and kept us there. We miss her presence.

The above is drawn from words of Sally Jean Alexander, Ellen Brinker, Susan Conant, Betty Dannewitz, Roseann Mandell, Geoff Stern, Margaret Stubbs, and Brucie Witthoft.

The Rena Fucillo Trophy
Presented annually to the high scoring member team at CRDTC's March obedience trial in memory of Rena Fucillo, Trainer, in grateful acknowledgement of her long association with the Charles River Dog Training Club as an inspiring teacher, dedicated trainer, and encouraging friend.

2016Alanna Kelly & Shetland Sheepdog, Slick
2015 Susan Crum & Golden Retriever, Pagey
2014Penny Schultz & Labrador Retriever, Aspen
2013Fran Masters & Golden Retriever, Dove
2012Penny Schultz & Labrador Retriever, Thorn
2011 Susan Crum & Golden Retriever, Pagey
2010Ellen Brinker & Labrador Retriever, Carina
2009Jane Young & Toller, Woody
2008Ida Freimer & Newfoundland, Magic
2007Cathy Shea & Labrador Retriever, Jet
2006 Cathy Shea & Labrador Retriever, Jet
2005Cathy Shea & Labrador Retriever, Jet
2004Janice Ritter & German Shepherd Dog, Jagger / Cathy Shea & Labrador Retriever, Jet
2003Ellie Wernig & Vizsla, Cassie
2002Janice Ritter & German Shepherd Dog, Jagger
2001Jennifer Rider & Shetland Sheepdog, Doodle
2000Lynn Dowall & Golden Retriever, Caper
1999Kay Barry & Miniature Poodle, Jamie
1998Janice Ritter & German Shepherd Dog, Jagger
1997Kate Horgan-Burke & Flat-Coated Retriever, Blackie
1996 Laura Dolan & Shetland Sheepdog, Willie
1995Shirley Fucillo & Miniature Poodle, Trevor
1994 Bob Bridges & Golden Retriever, Wouton

The Grace A. Wile Trophy
Presented annually to the high scoring member team at CRDTC’s fall (November) obedience trial.
2010 – Betty Dannewitz & Papillon Brio
2011 – Jane Young & Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Mensa
2012 – Joanie Muse & German Shepherd Dog Dansr
2013 – Nadia Innes & Belgian Tervuren Maggie
2014 – Fran Masters & Golden Retriever Dove
2015 – Lena Kalita & Belgian Tervuren Kira
2016 – Susan Crum & Golden Retriever Pagey

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