CRDTC Member Handbook

Club History and activities

Founded in October 1941, the CHARLES RIVER DOG TRAINING CLUB is the second-oldest obedience club in Massachusetts. It was originally called the Holliston Dog Training Club and renamed in 1969. During World War II, club members helped train several dogs for the Dogs for Defense program. CRDTC is a non-profit organization dedicated to training dogs of all breeds as companions, as well as for competition. The club is run by officers and a Board of Directors elected by and from the general membership. All club officers and board members are unpaid and donate their time to the club. Individual, family, and junior memberships are available. Membership is open to all people regardless of race, religion, gender, or national origin.

Each year, CRDTC holds two AKC-licensed obedience trials, a obedience match, Canine Good Citizen tests, and other special events and activities including a summer picnic, holiday party with canine games, and special workshops. CRDTC members are involved in all kinds of dog sports and activities, including obedience competition, agility, animal-assisted therapy, breed rescue and adoption, conformation (showing in breed), fieldwork and hunt tests, carting, earthdog tests, Flyball, herding, search-and-rescue (SAR), and tracking.

The club provides a newsletter (the CRDTChronicle) that includes a list of New England dog events; a Web site ( with a wealth of information; and e-mail lists. CRDTC members can also use the club library which has a collection of training books, videos, and other materials.

At the club’s Annual Meeting, awards are given for eligible members whose dogs have earned performance titles, breed championships, and other achievements during the year. CRDTC’s greatest accomplishment has been public service—the endeavor to train dogs as good citizens and companions.

Member benefits and responsibilities

As a member of CRDTC, you’ll receive:

CRDTC members are asked to:

E-mail lists

Restricted to CRDTC members in good standing.

CRDTC-L, a low-volume electronic discussion list for club members to share information on dog training, activities, upcoming events, and other dog-related issues.

CRDTC-Announcements, e-mail announcements of interest to Charles River Dog Training Club members. You cannot reply to these messages.

Training Guidelines

Welcome to the CHARLES RIVER DOG TRAINING CLUB! Please note these training guidelines; if you have any questions or suggestions about training issues or club activities, please contact the club president, any of the members of the Board of Directors, or your instructor.

These guideliness may not cover all situations and problems that could arise. Please use good judgment and courtesy so that everyone can enjoy the club. Thanks!

Inclement weather policy:

If the Public Schools are closed due to snow or icy conditions, check the club web site to seee if there will be CRDTC classes. Some classes may be held if the roads and parking lot are plowed.

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