Hints for the Chief Steward in Obedience

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The chief steward is a member of the match/trial committee and in charge of recruiting and assigning stewards. Depending on how the committee is organized, the chief steward may have some other logistical duties, such as setting up the rings, preparing the ring signs, organizing or coordinating a cleanup crew, and so on. (For example, at large shows, the chief steward usually has a walkie-talkie for paging the cleanup crew and show photographer.)

Here are some helpful hints in case you’re the chief steward for the club’s match or trial — especially if it’s your first time as chief steward.

Recruiting stewards

Assigning stewards

Getting the stewards ready

At the show

What You’ll Need …

At the chief steward’s table…

In each ring…

After the show

Order of Exercises — some "cheat sheets"