All Breed Rescue - List of Contacts in New England

Updated: July-2015

    Compiled for Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc, Box 808, Hudson MA 01749. YGRR prints an updated list once a year in their newsletter. Contact YGRR directly for subscription and membership information.

    Please note that the rescue programs on this list are not sponsored or endorsed by YGRR. Some programs are only able to offer advice and referrals. For complete information regarding an individual program please contact the program directly. Web sites and Email addresses are included when available. It is the responsibility of the person contacting any rescue group to evaluate the group's rescue/adoption policies.

    If you have a purebred dog you can't keep, first contact the breeder. When their owners can't keep them many responsible breeders will take back or help place dogs they have bred.

    If you find obsolete or incorrect information on this list please send updates to the web master. Many thanks to Susan Mudgett who originated this list for YGRR over 30 years ago and maintained it until August 2006.

    Geographical list of Golden Retriever Rescues:

    For information on any breed not listed and for contacts outside New England see


The list is in alphabetical order by breed. If a link is broken, scroll down to find the breed. Local phone numbers within the six New England states are listed for each breed, with contact numbers outside of New England if there is no known local contact. Email addresses are listed when vailable.

State abbreviation immediately following a telephone number indicates state you would be calling or toll free number. State abbreviations in parentheses denote service area.

CT = ConnecticutMA = MassachusettsME = Maine
NH = New HampshireRI = Rhode IslandVT = Vermont

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Misc. Groups Not Related to a Single Breed

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